The Strain Hunters are back with a new amazing expedition, taking them to the heart of Rastafarian culture. Follow Arjan, Franco and Simon as they travel through Jamaica looking for the best weed, the best genetics, the original landraces, and feel for yourself what this magic island has to offer to cannabis connoisseurs.

Guided by wise old Rastaman Nampo, entertained by the constant jokes of Chris "Taleban Island Hussler", and inspired by the singing of Marlon Parkes aka Boboshanti, the Strain Hunters journey reveals the profound link between cannabis and people in Jamaica.

It is a unique society and culture, where cannabis is used for recreational, medicinal and religious purposes. The forests, the beaches, the fields, the reggae music, the Rastafari culture and tons of good vibrations are the ingredients of this new chapter in the Strain Hunters adventures.

It's red green and gold all the way.